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The political insanity of the reform Party led them to cooperate with Satan – Sanaa Post

The political insanity of the reform Party led them to cooperate with Satan

BY Damir Nazarov

After it became clear that there was cooperation between the Southern Transitional Council and Zionism, the main opponent of the southern separatists in the face of the al-Islah party(they are also “reformists” and “local Democrats”) also compromised himself by establishing links with the main enemies of the Ummah.

What we are seeing between the reform party and the southern separatists in their quest to establish strong ties with Zionism is reminiscent of the race for leadership over the region of the two main Gulf dictatorships – Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In the struggle with each other, both monarchies are ready to expand ties with Zionism and use them in a personal duel. They also compete with each other in the hope of gaining greater favor with the Zionists. This comparison is not accidental because these Yemeni organizations serve the monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, and they in turn only imitate competition, because the main struggle lies within the Saudi tyranny.

In this regard, member Ansar Allah Mohammad al-Bukaiti noted that for the southern Council, relations with Zionism are a tactical move to satisfy the US, but for al-Islah, cooperation with the Zionists is a strategic step in their common struggle against the Axis of Resistance.

The demonstration of loyalty to Zionism by al-Islah shows how low the “Reform party” has fallen. If the historical cooperation with Riyadh was justified by the “reformists” as a tactical move in the confrontation with the left-wing movements of North Yemen, how will they explain their ties with the Zionists? It turns out that al-Islah is so hungry for power in Sanaa and to counter the ideas of the Islamic Revolution that they are ready to use the services of Zionism. Is this a sign of insanity and the beginning of the end of the al-Islah party?

Speaking of the inadequacy of the “reformists” in their desire to please Zionism, we need to remember 2015, when those same Zionists killed al-Islah figures with the full consent of the Gulf regimes. Why didn’t the “Democrats” react properly? On the subject of Zionism, why has al-Islah never helped the Palestinians? Maybe because the Charter of the “Reform party” never contained a clause about the mandatory fight against the occupiers and assistance to occupied Palestine.

In fact, the idea of an Alliance with Saudi Arabia in the 90s immediately doomed the party to defeat in political terms and in terms of ideology. Since it is impossible to call themselves “reformists and Democrats” and cooperate with the Pro-Western monarchy against their own people. Speaking about the personal system of worldview, even the rejection of ties with the Brotherhood* did not help al-Islam, they will still always be strangers to the despots of the Arabian Peninsula. The tyrants of the Gulf are driven by an ideological symbiosis of puritanical madhalism and liberal ideas, respectively, for them any other ideological form of the subject is a threat, even if they try to “win the favor” of monarchies.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious: the presence of a dialogue between Zionism and the “reformists ” demonstrated that al-Islah, as a political project, has completely and irrevocably exhausted itself. No political force mired in contacts with Zionism has the right to exist, these are the rules of conduct of Islamic politics.

* – personally, I do not believe that al-Islah should be called the “Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood”. The “Reform party” of Yemen has never set itself the goal of implementing the ideas of Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb in practice.


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