Palestinian Analyst Amer Khalil: Zionism Active as Ever Across MENA

BY Damir Nazarov

Interview with Amer Khalil: Palestinian political analyst, Director of the Palestine  today TV office in Gaza, Political articles writer in a number of Palestinian websites , newspapers and an analyst specializing in Israeli affairs

1 – in recent years, Zionism has been seen in aggression against the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces. Why do you think, Zionism provokes the Iraqis?

Israel’s strategy sees Iran as the primary threat to it, whether with regard to the nuclear issue or the forces rejecting it in the region, including the PMF in Iraq, which enjoyed a solid relationship with Iran and whose leader was targeted three months ago with the commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, and which Israel put in the list of assassinations with Imad Ma’niyah and Hassan Nassr Allah, and their photos were published in Israeli newspapers

2 – In late 2019 and early 2020, Zionism carried out an air RAID against representatives of the Palestinian Jihad in Syria, previously this was not the case. Why did the occupiers suddenly step up in this direction?

Islamic Jihad is a Palestinian movement that resists the Israeli occupation and constitutes a main faction in the Palestinian resistance that struggles against it and had fight more than one battle during 2019, one of which was after the assassination of one of its military leaders Baha Abu Al-Atta and was planning to strike at the same time the leadership of Islamic Jihad in Syria, where she tried to assassinate the military department in it, Akram Al-Ajuri, but failed to do so, believing that this will affect the effectiveness of the Islamic Jihad military

3 – The Secretary of the Expediency Discernment Council, Major General Mohsen Rezaei suggested that the Palestinian Mujahideen to carry out international renaissance against “Israel”. What do you think about this?

The international political battle against the occupation is part of the battle against the occupation by exposing its crimes and explaining the injustice of the Palestinian people

4 – According to the Zionists themselves, they have recently made new “friends” in Sudan and South Yemen. Why do you think Zionism has new allies?

This is not new constantly, Israel has tried to open relations with Arab countries in order to neutralize Arab policies in support of the Palestinian people, and it is taking advantage of negative internal conditions in Arab capitals for this. I do not think that succeeds in opening public relations because Israel is rejected by the Arab peoples and even with Egypt and Jordan, which Israel has signed peace agreements with them, the Israeli is still rejected and feared to appear publicly. Once, Sharon said that these agreements are not worth the ink in which they were written because the people do not accept them.


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